Breaking a Two Year Losing Streak

Over the weekend, we had our first 8th grade basketball game of the season. You’re probably wondering about the “Two Year Losing Streak” I mentioned in the title. Well I guess I should tell you about it…maybe, ehh why not.

Okay, so for the past two long years, the St. Bede’s Class of 2014 basketball team hasn’t won a game at all. We even had two teams, an A and a B team, A being the make up of the better players and B are the not-so-good players. In both teams, we haven’t won a league game at all. The only games we’ve one were tournament games but it didn’t actually count as a real win. So to resolve this problem, we decided to only have one team of 13 players only playing in the B league, which gave us a higher chance of actually winning a game.

Anyways, back on topic!

We were starting a new season, with a new team, new jerseys, and a new attitude. This year we feel more determined as ever, since it’s our last year here at St. Bede’s. We also feel more confident in our brand new personalized uniforms. If you know or watch American basketball, they have the same design as the Golden Gate Warriors jersey, but green and gold and instead of it saying “The City,” it says “St. Bede.” We are also more comfortable on our home court which makes it easier on us because we play almost all of our games there.

Our first game was against a Catholic school called Assumption. Throughout the whole game we had the lead, but right before halftime they were down by two. Some baskets and fouls were made here and there by each team, and in the second half we eventually had the upper hand. At the end of the game, the final score came to be 47-26 with us dominating over the other team. After our pep talk from our coaches in the locker room, we head out to the lobby of the gym where all our friends and family members were waiting for us to congratulate¬†us, and also five hot-n-ready pizzas! But most of all, this win felt really good and it was a great to have feeling again that I’ve been missing for two long years.

Activity 3, Week 7

Activity 3:

Here is an example of a connected teacher. Do you think this is similar for a connected student? Explain the differences and similarities. Click on the image to get a larger version.


Yes I think this is very similar for a connected student. Students and kids use the Internet a lot nowadays. They stay connected to their friends, teachers, and family members when they are not around each other. This is why they use the Internet. In the Internet, students use social networking services, blogs, video conferences, print and digital resources, digital photo sharing, online communities, chat and many other Internet services that allow you to contact other people. There are a couple differences between how teachers and students use to stay connected. Students and teachers all share the uses in the photo above, but students often use them more for contacting with friends and family. Teachers often lean towards using it more for work and school purposes. They use it for emailing parents, other teachers and family members.

Student Blogging Challenge – Week 6, Activity 2

Activity 2:

Are there any any foods you eat that come from your grandparents home country? What recipes have been handed down in the family?

We eat a lot of foods from my grandparents home of Mexico. Some of my favorite foods are spanish rice, beans, tamales, enchiladas, albondigas, tacos, flan, and quesadillas. These foods are very tasty and fun to make. All of these recipes come from my grandma and great grandma on my mom’s side. One of my mom’s favoite is chile rellenos. She likes spicier food than me. My dad is from the Phillipines. My favorite Fillipino food is pancit and chicken adobo. My mom got Fillipino recipes from my grandma on my dad’s side. I’m lucky because I can enjoy foods from two different cultures.

Student Blogging Challenge – Week 6, Activity #3

Activity #3:

Are there any cultural events that directly relate to the old country from which your ancestors came?


There are a few cultural events from my Mexican ethnicity that we still celebrate today. One of the most important events is the celebration of our Lady of Guadalupe. On December 12 there are masses and celebrations in honor of our Lady of Guadalupe because she is the patron saint of Mexico.

Another cultural event takes place from Nov.1-2. The Day of the Dead is celebrated on November first. This honors children who passed away. November 2nd is All Souls Day and we pray for adults that have died. People go to the cemetaries and bring food and drink that our loved ones liked and offer it at their grave. It’s more of a celebration than a sad occasion.